Cristie Hot Standby

Use Cristie Hot Standby to replicate and protect your critical systems and data

Regularly Sync Hot Standby Machines That Can Be Quickly Switched On In The Event Of System Failure

Cristie Hot Standby Image

Be in control of your failover with Cristie Hot Standby. Server replication is made easy with automatic and live clones of your critical systems and data; performed in periodic syncs, scheduled and set by you.

Disaster Recovery And Business Continuity

CloneManager – Hot Standby creates identical copies of critical systems that can be instantly used in the event of a disaster. The live system is replicated to any supported physical, virtual or cloud environment target; so there is no need to rebuild your servers or find and re-load software updates in a DR scenario. Also with snapshots, users can simply roll back to the last successful clone in case of a corrupted replication. Thus speeding up recovery time objectives (RTOs) and recovery point objectives (RPOs); whilst also mitigating risks of losing large amounts of live systems, data and operations. The software also makes use of bandwidth throttling, so it’s business-as-usual when replicating a live system.

Plan Ahead And Be Confident

Cristie Hot Standby can be instrumental in your disaster recovery planning. Test ahead and simulate a DR scenario, by failing over live systems and instantly powering on their Hot Standby counterparts. Alternatively, use the software to make an exact replication of a running server, rather than testing on a live machine. Due to the simple nature and design of the management interface, disaster recovery testing is made easy. You can also manage the protection of multiple systems, environments and operating systems from this single interface.