Cristie Move

Move your systems and data in real-time

Quick and secure server migration, with freedom to move live systems between physical, virtual and cloud environments

Cristie Move enables users to migrate systems in any direction between and within a wide range of supported targets. Including – P2P, P2V, P2C, V2V, V2P, V2C, C2C, C2P and C2V; thus giving masses of flexibility within the solution. For instance, users can take advantage of changing cloud storage pricing models with cloud-to-cloud migration.

control and adaptability from one solution

CloneManager – Migration is an easy-to-use solution, managed from an intuitive console for peace of mind server migration. Due to its fast performance functionality, you decide what you clone with the option to select only the relevant disks and volumes.

Migrate your entire workload to new hardware for a server refresh and schedule how frequently machines are automatically synced. With real-time and up-to-date system migrations, critical workloads and systems are thoroughly resilient to system disruption.

some useful features and benefits of Cristie Move include;

  • clone an identical copy of your running system and moves it to another environment without the need for rebuilding or configuration
  • optimized fast transfers of data from source to target machines, even with large amounts of data or a low bandwidth connection
  • multiple migrations (batch clones) can be managed simultaneously to speed up the migration process for larger group moves
  • live periodic synchronizations from source to target machines, without the need to repeat a full migration process
  • create a schedule to perform these automatic periodically clone syncs