Cristie Protect

Protect Physical Machines, Protect Virtual Machines

Rapid and secure, standalone backup and system recovery solutions

Cristie Protect is an easy-to-use, integrated backup and system recovery solution for physical and virtual machines. The solutions provide full protection of data files and databases for critical machines and servers, without the need for extra infrastructure of management.

What’s more, the software also provides rapid recovery that restores critical servers quickly; helping meet aggressive service level agreements, recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO).

Disaster Recovery

In the event of system failure or human error, Cristie Protect provides rapid recovery; as fast as the environment will allow. So depending on the type of protection, physical or virtual, the recovered machine can be on dissimilar hardware, or on a virtual or cloud machine. Furthermore, with recovered system identical, the restored machine does not need to be calibrated and tuned to run as it did before. Thus, mitigating downtime and getting users back up and running quicker.

protect physical machines with CBMR

CBMR provides full protection of data files and databases for critical machines and servers, without the need of any third party backup software. Also, it provides bare machine recovery (BMR), that restores critical servers in just minutes. CBMR can also be used as a flexible and scalable resource for server migration.

protect virtual machines with P4VM

P4VM is a lightweight solution that protects virtual machines running on vSphere. The simple backup and recovery software creates a backup of the entire system locally using a stateless proxy. However, it is managed centrally using the Cristie Virtual Appliance (VA), which allows for unlimited control of proxies, that can be scalable up to 1,000s of VMs and the frequencies of backups can be controlled at VM level. P4VM is easy and simple to use through the Cristie VA; giving remote management and complete transparency.